If you’re new to Kubernetes, you might wonder about some of the things you’ve heard… does everything really run as root? Are there really no firewall rules? Well… yes. But you can fix that!

Once you get your Kubernetes deployments, services, and other resources set up, it’s tempting to take a break. But don’t stop with the default configurations—Kubernetes has a ton of built-in options and features you can use to improve your security.

This hands-on session covers many of the configurations you can use to make a Kubernetes app more secure. We’ll pick apart the security context together and run deployments with read-only root file systems, non-root users, and limited capabilities. Then we’ll dig into features like network policies and admission control, configs like resource limits, and practices like namespacing and consistent metadata. And, of course, we’ll learn how these help you deliver a more reliable and secure app, and will cover basic infrastructure security practices as well.

Offered at BSidesSF 2020.

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